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Outside - Weather Monitoring Application for Mac OS X

Main Window

Outside is your personal Weather Monitoring Application providing the most complete and up to the minute weather reports.

In addition to reports, the provided Radar and Satellite maps help you see the exact weather situation in your area.

The Current Weather condition on the menu bar shows the current condition (sun, clouds, rain, snow, thunder, ...), temperature, current wind speed and wind direction.

The window below the menu bar provides the following datapoints:

  • Six day Forecast

  • Hour by Hour Forecast

  • Radar maps (can be animated)

  • Satellite map (can be animated)

    The ultimate goal is to have full worldwide support and we are quickly adding additional countries. At the moment this is the availability:

    Current WeatherWorld-wide
    ForecastUS, Europe, Japan

  • Main Window - Part 2

    Each of the individual boxes can be minimized to hide information not important to you.

    When you move the mouse over the radar or satellite map you see the controls which let you play/stop the animation and see the clouds move.

    In addition, you can zoom in/out as well as move the map around.

    When you set the location, the map automatically zooms within your local region.

    The state of the window is always saved and available for viewing as you left it.

    If you move the window next to the status bar, it attaches and behaves as a standard menu bar app.

    Or if you move the window away from the menu bar, then it detaches and behaves as a standalone window app.

    Config Window


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